Qualite Sports Lighting Qualite QLED Game Changer

Qualite Sports Lighting has created a revolutionary new LED sports light called the Q-LED GameChanger™. It is the first high performance sports lighting system designed for all sports venues, with a focus on great connectivity and functionality at affordable pricing. It is the new generation of sports lighting designed and manufactured in Michigan. Q-LED GameChanger™ features a new linear design producing up to 75% energy savings over the existing standard metal halide technology. Qualite’s Q-LED GameChanger™ features proprietary optics with built-in glare control yielding beam shapes engineered for sports lighting, low power consumption, high energy efficiency, fully integrated wiring (no exposed wiring), and “sunlight” color temperature. The architectural appeal of the new linear design eliminates the need for cross-arms allowing for easier, cost effective installation (Plug and Play) for new projects as well as those venues focused on energy savings through retrofitting any and all existing sports lighting manufacturers’ systems. Q-LED GameChanger™, operates through Q-LED Control™, a scalable, site-based or cloud-based device connectivity through a robust, self-healing, wireless mesh network. The modular design of the Q-LED GameChanger™ makes it the first system in the industry to be fully up-gradable including both the hardware and the software.

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