BuffVision Supports Pac-12 Broadcasts with AK-UC3000 4K/HD Field Camera Systems

At the University of Colorado (Boulder, CO), the award-winning BuffVision team (the primary source for the athletic department’s video content) has recently added four AK-UC3000 4K/HD camera systems for broadcast support of several NCAA Division 1 sports.

Specifically, the Panasonic studio/field cameras are currently being used to feed the scoreboard shows at Folsom Field (home of CU football), the Coors Events Center (home to volleyball) and Prentup Field (home to soccer), and will be similarly used for winter/spring varsity sports (basketball at the CU Events Center, lacrosse at Kittredge Field). The AK-UC3000s are also supporting live, linear broadcasts of soccer and lacrosse on Pac-12 television networks, and live streaming of games on the university’s athletic site, www.cubuffs.com.

Andrew Borjon, BuffVision specialist, explained that the AK-UC3000s were a one-for-one replacement of prior Panasonic P2 HD camcorders. “The UC3000s have been absolutely plug-and-play for us,” Borjon said. “The camera’s biggest selling points were the jump to SMPTE fiber and support for 720p production, which is our current infrastructure format. But given the UC3000’s flexibility, we anticipate an upgrade to 1080p production within the next year, then making a further upgrade to 1080p HDR.”

“The camera delivers valuable flexibility in terms of inputs/outputs,” he added. “We recently handled a sophisticated Pac 12 broadcast with just two of the UC3000s, but outputting four strands of fiber to talent monitors, goal cameras etc. over the 1000Base-T LAN-Trunk.”

For more information about U. of Colorado Athletics, visit www.cubuff.com.


About the AK-UC3000 4K Camera System

Targeted at studios and productions requiring high-end functionality at an affordable price, the UC3000 (with the AK-UCU500 CCU unit) outputs a UHD signal (3840 x 2160 at 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 29.97PsF, 25p, 25PsF, 23.98p, 23.98PsF), while also delivering superb picture quality in HD. High dynamic range (HDR) is also possible for either HD or UHD images and there are no additional licensing fee requirements for UHD or HDR. The camera’s B4 mount accommodates the gamut of existing 2/3-inch lenses to maximize customers’ return on their investment in existing lenses, and allows a wider and more economical choice of glass for sports, concerts and similar applications.


For more information about Panasonic professional video products, visit us.panasonic.com/broadcast or contact Panasonic at 877-803-8492.

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