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HP, Intel and Movidiam Launch Online Programme to Inspire Next Generation of Creators

#PowerYourBreakthrough content series hosted by creative professionals working in animation, motion design, filmmaking, photography, graphic design, and illustration.  London, UK …

Quasar Science Advanced Studio Lighting Instruments: The RR100 and RR50

The RR100 and RR50 Linear LED Lights are elegant, compact and filled with new features. This sleek design advances Quasar’s …

Shooting Action Sports with Todd Grossman

Pictured above: Shooting @jeremymcgrath – Lake Perris Dirt Track. Photo: @evoke_emotion. Sports Video Tech Magazine: What technologies have driven change …

Blockchain Video Processing Disruptor VideoCoin Network Launches Partnership, Marketing and Advertising Initiative

VideoCoin Network, bringing disruptive innovation through decentralization to video processing, is starting its next chapter following delivery of its commercial …

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